What is Deja vu?

 What is Deja vu? deja vu theory


The word Deja vu is a French word which means something which has already been seen people who have experienced it Defines this as overwhelming sense of sameness with something That is not familiar at all Let’s understand this Through an example Suppose you are travelling to India for first time you are Touring a palace And Suddenly it seems that you have been there before this is what it is all about  or  maybe having breakfast with a group of friend and you are discussing about current political scenario of your country and suddenly you feel that you have already experienced this very thing like  same group of friends same dinner table  and same debate

 this phenomenon is very complex and there are plenty of theories trying to explain and unravel the mystery behind it as why it happens

 as many of 70 peoples out of hundred reports having experienced it in some form, this occurs More in peoples which are in 15 to 25 age group

There are are basically  4 accepted theories

 Dual processing explanation deja vu theory

It assumes that 2 cognitive process that operate in synchrony become momentarily uncoordinated or in other words out of phase

Neurological explanations deja vu theory

 it suggest that it represent a dysfunction in nervous system involving a small seizure in normal time course of neural transmission

 Memory  explanations deja vu theory

  it it assumes that it some aspect of present  setting is objectively same the source of sameness has been forgotten 

Attentional explanations deja vu theory

This interpretation says that an initial perception under destruction is followed immediately by a second perception under full attention.

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