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Top tips for working smarter Work Formula


Prioritize your task for working day in order of importance Work Formula

Take into the amount of work which will be Involved with each one Keep tasks in order of importance and in order time frame in which they need to be completed this will allow you to  prioritize your workload and optimize your time throughout the day

 It is easy to become distracted by other tasks in the workplace Work Formula

 try to focus on one task at a time as best result will come from giving each task full attention use list format to take each task off one by one this will allow you to build Momentum and get the most out of your day

If you are working with a demanding workload it is easy to get distracted by calls meeting and emails throughout the day Work Formula

Organize your schedule around the meetings you have booked and the calls you need to make keep track of When they are scheduled during busy periods schedule time throughout the day to catch up on your emails this way you can avoid the Bombardments of unread messages

Try to stay Organize being in a busy working environment makes it easy for your workspace to get Messy being Organized should span across everything

From keeping your desk Organized to using your Outlook calendar for meetings and using separate folder for emails Organization is a key to managing a busy workload

 Set your deadlines wisely Work Formula

Your own deadline should be attainable and made with overall project in the mind this will allow you to finish work on time and fit in other task which need to be completed throughout the working day.

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