Data theft by social media platforms

 Data theft by social media platforms   what is 

data theft  what is data theft

Data theft by social media platforms

Social media sites generate revenue by using targeted ad and for targeting a particular section society they need their information Which they write in their privacy policy but due to less awareness among the masses and lower standards of government in developing countries like India users are prone to data theft by social medias company like Facebook and Instagram 

So first of all we need to understand why social media company stores personal data? They do it for sort us out on our interest and then do target advertising like for an ad of hair transplantation  they will only target bald person creating a list of bald person is very easy for them because they have all the data of all the persons that uses their particular platform of social media

Recent Example what is data theft   what is data theft

Recent example of data theft  is Cambridge analytica where Facebook sold its data to political parties for running election campaign ads targeting and exploiting user's information that is ethically wrong It is like they have created online version of its user that works as a voodoo doll for them and for them that would represent us they can take any work by it, by just picking the right strings on it to perform a certain task 

So what we can do? what is data theft  what is data theft

 we can create awareness among the masses about all these things and we should also encourage people to put  minimal personal information on social media and to use less social media as it just wants attention, in the last I would recommend my friends to watch the documentries the black mirror and the social dilemma on the Netflix platform to learn more about this and here is a great news Netflix is free for 5 and 6 December the social dilemma is a very short documentary and black mirror is also a short documentary of 1 episode so you can watch it today Cheers!

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